Dear Associate,

In association with Symantec WSS Division, JNR Management is delighted to roll out a ‘Game Changer’ plan in the web security industry through its subsidiary conglomerate, ‘mysslonline’. The exclusive program called “Encryption Everywhere” is designed to safeguard every website on the Internet against cybercrime. And, this mission will be accomplished through the mechanism of data encryption, implemented through SSL certificates.

Researches reveal that merely 3% of websites are encrypted globally. Good that these websites are secured from the risk of individuals, performing unethical activities over the Internet. But, this data has a darker side of it too.

It narrates that 97% of websites could be the victims of cyber-attacks, which could be related to stealing credit card information, customer’s information, somebody’s private data, and much more. Moreover, websites developed on CMS (e.g., Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) platforms need to be more secured, as they are more vulnerable to Internet attacks. That’s not all! Going forward, the features related to GEO location tracking, device motion, obtaining user media (e.g., downloading music, videos) and other related functions will be restricted on non-secured (http) websites. These websites (non-https) are expected to lose their value in respect to performance as well as search engine ranking. It is really a serious concern, which needs to be resolved on higher priority.

The core objective of ‘Encryption Everywhere’ is to encrypt 100% of all websites by 2018.

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