Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

If you own an organization, and want your website visitors to view your organizational details on the SSL certificate, then this product is certainly designed for you. Besides the information related to domain name, validity/ certified authority, it shows organization details such as its common name, legal name of organization, and its geographical location. Some people know these certificates as high assurance certificates as well.  The moment you apply for OV certificate, the verification process starts instantly, which takes around two to five days to get completed.

Validation Process of OV Certificate:

Step 1: The customer orders for OV certificate.

Step 2: The Certified Authority (CA) sends a verification email on customer’s registered e-mail, listed on the WHOIS platform.

Step 3: The certifying authority performs further verification to ensure if the identity and location (Physical address) of the respective business is legitimate. It is usually performed by submitting the required details on a verifiable online resource.