FAQ – SSL Certificates

Q.1.) What is SSL certificate?

Ans.) The full form of SSL certificate is ‘Secured Socket Layers (SSL)’. These certificates encompass a piece of code, which is used to encrypt (process of converting data into secret codes) the data over the internet as well as intranet.

Q.2.) What is data encryption?

Ans.) Data encryption is the process to convert plain data into secret codes, which safeguards it against unauthorized access.

Q.3.) Can I get free SSL certificates for lifetime?

Ans.) No. SSL certificates are not free for the lifetime. However, the price may vary according to their type.

Q.4.) What are the security levels of encryption?

Ans.)   There are various levels of encryptions, starting from 40-bit to 256-bit. More bits in encryption lead to better security at most of the times. 

Q.5.) What are the types of SSL certificates?

Ans.) SSL certificates are of various types including:

Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate: It is a basic type of SSL certificate, which is extremely easy to buy. If you are not a corporate customer, and do not wish to display your organization’s information on the certificate, buying this SSL certificate will certainly be a good idea. The website visitors can only view the domain name, SSL service provider’s name and the certificate’s validity period. You can get these certificates installed on a single domain or multiple domains.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate: This certificate can be bought by the customers, running business enterprise. As far as security is concerned, they hold the same value as DV certificates. Other than displaying the basic information, these certificates let your website visitor to view the organizational details such as company’s address related details.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate: These certificates are used by large enterprises, but can also be bought by small businesses. Besides data encryption, these certificates make your website display a green bar in the url bar of browsers wherein your website is opened.

Q.6) What is Wildcard certificate?

Ans.)  It is a security certificate, which can be installed on multiple sub domains (e.g.,,, etc.). In other words, it is kind of a certificate category, which can be clubbed with DV certificate as well as OV certificate.

 Q.7.) What is SAN certificate?

Ans.) The full form SAN is, ‘Subject Alternative Name’. It is another category of digital certificate, which is installed on multiple domains (e.g.,,, etc.). They can also be clubbed with OV and EV certificates.

Q.8.) Where to buy SSL certificates?

Ans.) One can buy SSL certificates online. But, make sure to check the authenticity of SSL certificate service provider before buying them.

Q.9.) What is the price of an SSL certificate?

Ans.) The price of an SSL certificate varies per its type. The certificate namely Domain Validated (DV) is known to be the most economical one wherein OV certificate is priced a bit higher price. Finally, EV validation certificate, which is designed for large business enterprises, is known to be the most expensive SSL certificate.

Q.10.) Which is the best SSL certificate?

Ans.) However, most of the SSL certificates hold the same level of security, but when it comes to features they differ with each other. If you are looking for a basic SSL certificate under low budget, the Domain Validated (DV) certificate will be the best option for you. In case you want to install an SSL certificate for your organization, then you may opt for an Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate. Last, but not least, Extended Validation (EV) certificate is useful for the users looking for the finest SSL certificate. It is known as the best SSL certificate in the industry, as it empowers your website with a green url bar including an  icon of padlock along with net secure warranty.