Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

These types of certificates are known to be the premium SSL certificates, which provide your website visitors with an ad-on that displays the legitimacy of your organization. It is displayed as a green address bar in browser’s url bar that educates your website visitors that the respective website is secured to use. EV certificates are mostly used by large business enterprises, but small scale businesses can buy them too. This green bar may appear a little bit different on various browsers (e.g., Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, etc.)

Validation Process of EV Certificate:

Step1: The customer orders for EV certificate.

Step2: SSL service provider verifies the legitimacy of the respective website on WHOIS record.

Step 3: Legitimacy of the respective business is checked through government databases.

Step 4: Verification of physical address and phone number is performed. The certificate authority checks their authenticity on government databases and matches the same in the SSL certificate application form. The customer is required to complete an online acknowledgement agreement, which is to be sent to certificate authority at the time of verification.