Domain Validated Certificate

Be it online shopping, social media connectivity, Customer Relation Management (CRM), bidding or performing banking transactions, the significance of web security should never be overlooked. The unethical world of Internet is being stronger with high-tech viruses, malwares, and other unethical Internet activities that can steal anybody’s precious data in the blink of an eye. And, in order to stay guarded against these online crimes, you need a virtual force of IT security products.

However, the workflow of each and every SSL certificate is the same, if it’s about securing or validating your online data. But, it is observed that some SSL certificate providers misguide the customer by not explaining the entire product (s) based facts, only for multiplying their revenues. 

Let’s understand it from a simple instance. What if somebody sells you a basic computer, which is to be used as a server or perhaps for high- end gaming/ graphics? Would this give you the value for your hard-earned money? Well! The answer is no, as this computer will surely be frozen at the time of action, and you will feel like cheated. Right?    

Similarly, if a client’s requires a basic SSL certificate, selling him/her an extremely costly product will never be ethical.

We, at mysslonline have a core objective to be the customer’s advocate, and we do our best on it. Before making any sales, we comprehend the customer’s requirements, and offer them with the appropriate IT security products (e.g., SSL certificates, Data Encryption solutions, antivirus, etc.).  The focus is on giving the most competitive prices, and providing the world-class after sales service.       

We have an extensive range of products developed by word-class brands such as Symantec, GeoTrust, thawte, RapidSSL, and many more.   

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates:  This SSL certificate is used by the individuals, who want their web data to be encrypted at the lowest possible price. The validation process of availing this certificate is known to be the fastest as well as simplest. These types of certificates let your website visitors view the name of your domain, dates related to validity, and the name of Certified Authority (CA). 

Validation Process of DV Certificates:

Step 1: The customer orders for DV certificate.

Step 2: The Certified Authority (CA) sends a verification email on customer’s registered e-mail, listed on the WHOIS platform.

Step 3: The customer verifies the link. The verification can also be completed by placing the verification file on customer’s website, which is sent by the CA. This validation ensures that you are the real owner of this website.